Saturday, March 19, 2016

Twinkle, it keeps going

I was inspecting Twinkle this morning hoping to see some new root growth and instead, spotted a little pseudobulb! New growth always makes me so excited!

I keep Twinkle in a south facing window and it seems to like it there!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Some not sickly orchids

Last week I told you about the Home Depot Orchid. It's looking a little better but it's probably still too soon to tell. When they get sick, they get sick fast but when things are going well, things move pretty slowly.

In the mean time, I've got some happier pictures to share!

First up is Tolumnia Red Berry. This guy had been growing a new pseudobulb all year and is just starting to flower now! I'll have to remember to be very diligent about watering while he's in bloom. There are scraggly bits of moss tied around its roots but not much. Watering involves dunking him in water for a bit in the morning and letting him dry out for the rest of the day so if he doesn't get watered every couple of days, he will start to dry out and the flowers will wilt faster.

I have another tolumnia. I have no idea on the exact id of this one or even what the flowers look like. I got him from another member of my orchid society. When I got him, he was just one little fan. He has been working on growing a second fan of leaves (the plumper green bunch on the right) last year so it's really exciting to know that he's not actually dead.

The dendrobium hybrid I got last year didn't flower on the new cane but now I have another new cane starting to develop! This is exciting! I hope one day soon, maybe this year or next, he will show me some flowers!

Finally, this is a miniature phalaenopsis that I got at my orchid's society holiday swap. He was too dry so I kept him in a tall glass jar for a bit to increase the humidity in the hopes that if the roots weren't taking in water, maybe the leaves would. If you look in the middle, you can see the new leaf developing!

Finally, Phal Balden's Kaleidoscope is in bloom again and it has two spikes! Can't wait to see them all opened!