Friday, January 22, 2016

Twinkle in bloom!

I am really excited to see my Oncidium Twinkle in bloom! These are the first blooms from new pseudobulbs that grew under my watch! 

Last year, I had yanked off three pseudobulbs because they were developing brown spots that I thought might have been rot and I wasn't sure if I did the right thing. It still had three pseudobulbs and I hoped it would be okay. It's recommended that you leave at least three pseudobulbs on an orchid so that it has enough energy reserves to continue growing and developing. An orchid requires a lot of energy to develop and without three pseudobulbs, you could be waiting years before seeing rapid growth and flowers.

Twinkle is currently sitting on the corner of my desk so I can enjoy the blooms and the fragrance. It's not an overwhelming fragrance but when there is air movement, I can smell it and it makes me happy.