Saturday, March 7, 2015

A paph

A paphiopedilum, otherwise known as a lady slipper orchid. It's my first and only one, bought at that NCOS show in 2012. Officially, it's known as Paph Magic Leopard #1 x Paph Hsinying Glory

The mottled leaf paphs don't need quite as much light as a normal paph so I figured it would be happy in my east windows.

Paphs like to stay moist and wet and don't like to dry out. To be perfectly honest, I have let this paph dry out once or twice going 2 weeks between waterings. Right now, I'm hoping that this guy is still alive. When I repotted it last month, The roots were looking brown but not completely dead. I've tried my best to not let him dry out for too long now.

Today, when I was doing my inspections, I saw what looks like a new leaf. I'm really hoping it is a new leaf and not a leaf growth that has been there all along and I just hadn't noticed.
New leaf growth?