Thursday, March 12, 2015

Miltonia repotting and a rosemary update

Rosemary is growing! When I water it, I water with fertilizer. I saw a recipe that involved grilled shrimp and rosemary skewers. I don't have enough branches to do that yet, but ONE DAY!

I was quite worried about the Miltonia since I was pretty sure it was potted in regular gardening soil. What did I find when I pulled it out of the pot?

Yes, gardening soil. I spent the couple of hours trying to untangle the roots and removing the soil swearing at the people who potted this. Thankfully, the roots look half way decent and a Miltonia can stand a lot of water. But still, DIRT!

Orchid roots need air to breathe. Dirt holds moisture quite well and will usually suffocate the roots. At least, the roots were just sitting on top of the soil. I repotted it so that there's a layer of bark at the bottom and then surrounded it with moss. Hope it will be okay.

I think the leaves also suffered some cold damage when I had it too close to the window. I trimmed those leaves down and applied some cinnamon powder to where I cut.