Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Phalaenopsis in bloom!

I wonder what the plural of phalaenopsis is. Both are blooming and it's a lovely view from my desk. They're each sitting on a window sill and I can see them from my desk!

The color on the very first flower to open on Home Depot orchid is starting to fade and it looks like the flower itself is as well. All of the buds are open.

As for Balden's Kaleidoscope, I had concerns about the color on the first flower. It was muddied but it seems to have settled in so that you can see the yellow flowers and the veins stand out. There are a few buds that are still developing so it's not done with flowers yet. There are also a couple of nodes that have growths beyond the little sheath that are just there. I don't know if they plan on continuing development after all of the flowers have opened or if that's it for them. I also wonder how long the flowers will run this time. The last flower show, I had a flower on this guy for 2 years straight!