Monday, February 16, 2015

New newest - a Miltonia

And by new, I mean that it literally entered my house today. It is freezing cold here and I had popped into a Safeway to warm up. I looked around to see what they had for orchids and found this white NOID Miltonia. The leaves and flowers look good. The roots that I could see look good, so it came home with me, even if it is below freezing right now! I placed the pot in a plastic bag and put a second plastic bag over the leaves and flowers and held it close to my body while walking outside, hoping that it would keep the heat in.

I really want to repot it but there are buds on it and I'm a little afraid to touch it right now so I gave it some water and I'll have to find a good pot for it. The decorative pot it came in is glittery and flimsy.

New NOID Miltonia

Flower close up