Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oncidium Twinkle

Oncidium Twinkle (White)

This is Oncidium Twinkle (White), a small little orchid with tiny but fragrant flowers. I got him at the 2014 NCOS Orchid Show. There were many flowers and spikes when I first got him but the flowers are all gone now and so I decided to repot.

Mass of roots

Repotting gives me a chance to check out what it was planted in and see how the roots are doing. Well, that mess of white roots were sticking out of the pot and the roots inside don't look great. However, it looks like there are new white root growths so I'm glad I was able to repot. I think the roots were being choked off by the old potting medium. Hopefully, my fir/bark mix will give it some room to breathe and develop and grow.

I am however, concerned about this pseudobulb.
Weird pseudobulb

I'm not sure what's going on there but I hope it's not rotting. I've consulted an orchid forum so I'm hoping to hear back some opinions on it.