Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Meet Rosemary. I acquired two sprigs from a friend. She had some rosemary bushes outside of her house for a good number of years. I had read online that you can root rosemary sprigs in water so I wanted to give that a try. I enjoy cooking with herbs but I hate paying $3 for a bunch only to toss 99% of it because I only used that one sprig.

The two sprigs both rooted and so I planted them into their individual containers of perlite. Yeah, I was lazy. I should have mixed the perlite in with some soil. At times it got a little dry because there may have been a couple of weeks when I didn't water the guys. Finally after a month or two, I went to replant them in soil. Only one of the sprigs survived and this is it. It's quite exciting because you can see the green growing tips on the plant and it getting bigger. I try to keep the soil moist. If it gets too dry, leaves start to dry up and fall.

I probably didn't use enough fertilizer initially and just used straight water so I'm curious to see what happens when I start using fertilizer consistently on the "weekly weakly" mentality.

As for my friend's rosemary bushes, last year's polar vortex ended up killing them. But it lives on at my house! I have offered her a rosemary plant in return from this plant should she ever want to remember those bushes.